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ESI designs and manufactures innovative business telephone systems for workplaces like yours. Our award-winning communications systems — digital, IP, and converged — are easy to use, yet packed with advanced capabilities to enhance your competitive edge, and come in a wide range to fit any budget.
For Small to Medium Sized Businesses Grows to 16 Stations
With an C-Plus business communications system, just one compact cabinet does what other systems must combine multiple boxes to do. This makes installation and maintenance much simpler. Click for more information...

For Medium to Large Businesses Grows to 816 Stations
Despite its long list of features, a Communications Server is a phone system you’ll find friendly. It says, “Good morning, Good Afternoon.” It teaches you how to use and program it. It reminds you to change your personal greeting after a trip. And it stands by, ready to assist you whenever you need help. Click for more information...

Unified Messaging Applications
If managing your day-to-day call activity is important to your business, you’ll want VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) or its more fully featured version, VIP Professional™. VIP lets you intelligently: manage your telephone calls; sort, and prioritize voice mail messages from your Outlook Inbox; and use your contacts more productively. In addition, VIP captures and logs details about every call for better call management, and lets you program your phone options from your desktop………. Click for more information...

Presence Management
This access control solution (Presence Management) is a hardware and software solution incorporating an innovative combination of RFI scanning technology and an award-winning ESI Communications Server. Presence Management offers presence indication, personal call routing and access control. ESI Presence Management is offered as a basic door phone solution for addressing basic entry and exit applications, and as an advanced supervisory solution utilizing RFID technology to provide access control and personnel location elements………. Click for more information...

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